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The table or canvas to hang on your wall is an important accessory of your decoration. For example, you can display similar tables together. Creating symmetry is the key method for arranging similar tables. If you want to block a crowded and complex look, you can combine tables of the same style and size. You can use a chain or a thick rope for a neat arrangement when hanging a table. On the wall you can choose the colors that best reflect the light to the tables. Pastel hues are ideal for exposing pictures and photos. If you have non-wide walls, make sure that the number of tables you hang will not exceed six. You can use spotlights or ceiling lighting to give your tables an equal amount of light. You can even keep table lamps or lampshades near the tables. Lightings will have a different effect on your tables.

You can combine frames of different colors or use black-and-white photos side-by-side to create a striking effect. You can group your photos into the same sizes and colors to create a symmetrical layout. Using nails when hanging photos creates a simple and tidy look. You can create black-and-white contrast parallels in photos by hanging black frames on a white wall, creating a contrasting pattern. When hanging your photos, be sure to use decorative materials such as chains, twine, ribbons. When you look at a photo, you should focus only on the visual object. When hanging frames of the same dimensions, make sure that you use the meter and that the distance settings are perfect. The slightest mistake when hanging frames is immediately apparent. You can also increase integrity by using similar tones within the frame.

Focal point

You can create a great focal point by hanging a painting on your living space. The most important issue to be considered when hanging large tables is that the table is large. You should also make sure that the sconces or decorative objects you hang around the table do not look complicated. If your painting is quite large and becomes the focal point of the space, it should also match the color and style of the space. If you want to achieve totality, you can choose a few shades of light or dark paintings that dominate the space.

How to measure the frames

  • Measure your frames on white paper and cut out the profile you extracted.
  • Attach the profiles to the wall using masking tape. Try the profiles with different arrangements on your wall until you get the arrangement you like.
  • If you like symmetry and order, pay attention to the intermediate dimensions between each profile.
  • Measure the distance between the top of the frame you want to hang and the hook and mark the profile you have extracted.
  • You can hang your frames using nails from where you marked them.

Easy method

If you want to use an easy and fast method you can use the shelves in your home. You can place tables, pictures or photos on shelves. So you don’t have to install nails or screws on your wall. Framed or unframed paintings are ideal for display on shelves. You can use the shelves where you will display the frames from the living room to the bedroom, from the anteroom to the study room.

Asymmetrical arrangement

A composition of incompatible images can also give an extremely striking appearance. You can make such an arrangement especially for exhibiting modern tables. You can hang your photos and pictures in asymmetrical frames in different styles. Corner, side table or table tops are ideal for asymmetrical arrangements. You can make interesting frames on your wall that you can find from antique shops and antiquities.




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